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CARITAS Tororo philosophy is driven by the following core values and principles namely; 

  • A faith that participated in Jesus’ mission of building God’s kingdom here on Earth
  • Love and solidarity
  • Respect for human Integrity, dignity and rights
  • Compassion and self-giving for the common good
  • Competence, integrity and commitment
  • Services and professionalism
  • Option for the vulnerable and the neglected
  • Gender sensitivity
  • Good governance and transparency
  • Innovations, collaboration and participation.


CARITAS Tororo has eleven (11) employees both male and female, Board of directors responsible for policy making and report to the Archbishop of Tororo who is the legal owner. It does its recruitment depending on the need available and following Caritas values, principles and policies. To-date Caritas Archdiocese of Tororo team of professionals both clergy and laity in areas of social development, finance, social work, agriculture, in line with rural development. The organization uses a results based approach, while being ethical and professional to deliver services to all the 45 parishes of the Archdiocese of Tororo. Its services’ provision is broadly defined and refined penetrating several sectors of the economy and contributes immense impact on the population’s livelihood.

Caritas Staff

  1. Pius Okumu Machulu – Director of Caritas,
  2. Charles Siwa – Coordinator Programs/ Project Coordinator, Capacity Building and Small Grants Project
  3. Hellen Nyaburu – Caritas Accountant
  4. Andrea Betty Chieria – Enabling Rural Innovation (ERI) Project Coordinator
  5. Jimex Bumba – ERI Community Development Facilitator
  6. Sharon Nambozo – ERI Community Development Facilitator
  7. Mary Theodorah Akoth – ERI Community Development Facilitator
  8. Isaac Akanga – ERI Community Development Facilitator
  9. John Joseph Olwenyi – Lighting up a Village, Field Officer
  10. Ruth Nyaloli – Field Officer, Small Grants Project/ Volunteer Coordinator Family Life Program
  11. Robert Ogen –Agriculture Development (Full time Volunteer)



  • Sustainable livelihood & Food Security
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Climate change resilience and adaption
  • Infrastructural development and Resource mobilization for Church Programs
  • Emergency Humanitarian Response and Disaster Risk Management
  • Formal and informal Education
  • Gender and Development
  • HIV and AIDS

Our Programs & Projects include:

  • Enabling Rural Innovation
  • Capacity building and Small Grants for parish groups
  • Lighting up a solar project
  • De-light solar project
  • Family life education and livelihood program
  • Emergency response to disasters

The success of CARITAS Tororo is primarily judged on how well it pursues its Vision, Mission, Core Business/work, Values, methods of work, strategic objectives and activities in relation to its mandate.


The methods of work utilized for promoting development are based on community participation in setting their development targets and their full involvement in the development process.

Thus Caritas Tororo has established a wealth of experience in the use of participatory development methodologies in: identifying, planning and implementation, monitoring and evaluating of community based development programs.

Brief description of the four (4) programs/projects, namely:


  1. Enabling Rural Innovation (ERI) in cooperation with HORIZONT3000. The project is aiming at empowering the farmers’ groups to learn improved farming practices and farming as a business, encouraging collective marketing. Caritas is now implementing a 3-year phase of the project from 2015-2018


  1. Capacity Building and Small Grant Scheme for Parishes in cooperation with eRko Slovakia and DKA Austria. The project is aiming at improving the standards of living of selected communities in the Archdiocese through intensive trainings of existing groups in the area of income generating projects as well as strengthening the local Caritas groups at the parish level.


  1. Lighting up A Village – a project that is providing affordable quality solar lighting and phone charging system at a reduced price allowing the rural people to pay the cost of the equipment and installation in 3 installments. The project is being implemented in cooperation with Barefoot Power, a social for-profit Enterprise.


  1. A two (1-2) hours radio Programme called Family Life on East FM radio, Tororo. It is broadcasted every Thursday between 7-9pm. In addition to the above, trainings on Natural family planning, parenting and behavioral change are conducted for couples at parish level.


  1. D-Light Solar a project that is providing affordable quality one light solar kit at a reduced and afford able cost to the rural communities at a cost of $ 5 per kit with the purpose of eradicating the use of kerosene lamps. The project is being implemented in partnership with Caritas Uganda with support from Sun24 Florida.